Find, analyze and perfect your swing tempo.

See how Tempo in Motion helped Jordan Spieth

as a junior fix his quick transition move.


Rhythm and tempo impact every phase of your golf game.

From the full swing, short game, putting stroke, to your

pre-shot and your overall game.

Cameron McCormick - PGA Professional

Real results

Tap into the timing of your swing. Watch how Tempo in Motion
helped this player:


With our scientifically engineered method using click patterns and
music tracks to sync your takeaway, transition, and impact you'll be
on your way to playing the best golf of your life.

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>>> Tempo and Rhythm <<<

Tempo is the speed of the movement, while rhythm is the measured flow of the different parts of the movement.

>>> Sports Psychology <<<

The understanding of psychological / mental factors that affect performance in sports.

>>> Mechanics <<<

The way in which a sports movement is performed or operated.

"Researchers suggest accompanying training activities with music to enable athletes to tap into the power of sound." - C. Karageorghis & D-L Priest - Brunel University

Performance is a science

Tempo and rhythm are core to your game. They're a main part of basic training, along with mechanics and sports psychology.

Performance experts

Gain knowledge from the best in the industry about tempo, rhythm, biomechanics and sports psychology. Our coaches train athletes from Masters' Champions to Olympic Gold Medalists. Let them inspire you!


Rhythmic Click Pattern

The Tempo in Motion "click pattern" is like having a golf coach in your ear,
training you to make critical improvements to your game.

>> Motion sequence >> Muscle memory >> Rhythm >> Fluidity >> Consistency >> Power


Instrumental Music

Have you seen athletes listening to music prior to their sports event?
Research shows that music in sports can prepare you for competition in many ways.

>> Raises oxygen levels >> Relaxes muscles >> Improves focus >> Gets you in the Flow

Understand the "Click Pattern"

The Click Pattern is a sequence of beats that starts with a voice prompt (male or female) alerting you with "Ready", "Set". The click pattern is tailored to the proper (body) golf movement.

From the full swing to all short games shots, find your groove and play your best golf!

Optimized Training


Keep testing

Many things can influence your tempo: tiredness, an injury, the weather, or your mood. Your tempo might not be the same for a leisurely round as for a competition. Keep testing your tempo to make sure you're on track or to adjust to specific conditions.


Practice everywhere

Good tempo is engrained through practice. Take your Tempo Tunes at the range, on the practice grounds, or to the putting green (we can't exclude the living room…)


Warm up

Warm up with your Tempo Tunes before your round of golf. Your body will sync into the right tempo. This also allows you to focus your mind and gather a positive mental attitude.


Listen anytime

Rhythm is part of your life and Tempo Tunes can be listened to anywhere, anytime. Put them on when you don't have time to warm up, when you need a little dose of imaginary golf, or to reinforce your motor memory.

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