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Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need more information about the Tempo in Motion affiliate program? Here are answers to the questions we hear most commonly from new and prospective affiliates.

1. What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is any type of revenue sharing program where an affiliate website receives a portion of income for delivering sales, leads, or traffic to a merchant website. In the case of Tempo in Motion's affiliate program, your website refers visitors to our website; in exchange you receive a commission on subscription sales from visitors you send us.

2. How do I sign up?

To sign up for our program, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions of our Affiliate Program Agreement and fill out our sign up form. We will review your application and if accepted, you will receive a confirmation email. Once you have that email, you can log in and start creating links, get HTML code for our images, and use our other content and tools to start earning money.

3. Can my application be denied?

We reserve the right to refuse any affiliate or website at our sole discretion. As example, we do not accept any of the following types of sites or businesses as affiliates: adult content, hate/violent/offensive content, sites that infringe copyrights, mark or other forms of intellectual property or the applicable laws.

4. Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

Nothing. Joining our affiliate program is free.

5. How much do you pay in commissions?

We pay a 10% commission on all subscription sales. You get a commission when a person you refer by affiliate coded links signs up for the first month, and you keep earning money on each paid recurrent subscription fee. You are also paid for return customers.

6. How and when am I paid my affiliate commissions?

The minimum value of commissions earned to have a check sent to you is $50. As soon as your account balance reaches or exceeds $50 you'll receive payment. Payments are made on a quarterly basis either by check or PayPal. All commissions are paid in U.S. dollars.

7. How do I track my commissions?

You can log in to your affiliate account and see your commission results under the report section.

8. How long does the tracking cookie last?

We keep the customer referral cookie active for 30 days. Whether the customer decides to purchase the product from your site or directly from the Tempo in Motion site, you will be credited for the sale in the cookie validity period.

9. How do I create affiliate links?

We provide our affiliates with a unique tracking ID embedded in all of our marketing material. There's no need to enter any additional code. It's very simple.

10. Where do I find marketing material (creative)?

Inside your affiliate account, you will find a variety of banners, buttons and text links in different sizes. Choose the creative by clicking on it and copy and paste the code onto your web site. Your unique affiliate tracking ID is already embedded in the code.

11. Can I have several websites in my affiliate account?

Yes. You can list your different websites at sign up, or send a request from your affiliate account to add a new website. You'll be paid with a single commission check.

12. How will you know that the orders came from my site?

We track all visitors and sales from your website using a unique identifier that is embedded in your links.

13. Can I collect customers' orders myself, and then send you the details?

No, you must link from your site to our site. Customers must enter their own information.

14. Can I refer myself?

We do not allow self-referrals and you cannot earn commissions on your own subscription. All self-referral commissions will be removed.

15. Can I get a commission for referring new affiliates to the program?

Currently, we do not provide a second-tier affiliate commission.

16. Can websites outside the United States join?

Absolutely! We welcome and review applications from all over the world. Please keep in mind that all commissions are currently paid in U.S. dollars.

17. What should I do if I have more questions or need help?

If you have additional questions regarding the Tempo in Motion affiliate program, please contact us.

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